jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

1st ENGLISH PROJECT 1st ESO Eleaniztasunerantz 2016-17

As we have been doing for some years, our school has recently finished the first of the projects programmed for 1st level of ESO. Our students have got some information about different aspects of the United Kingdom such as population, capital city, geographical features, etc. Then they had to find similar information about another English speaking country using class computers. They followed a guide and prepared a document shared with the teacher with all the information they had found in the net. Later, they designed and created a poster with written texts and images. Finally, they presented their work to the class orally. The students evaluated different items of the oral presentation to each other.
Here is a video with their work.


martes, 20 de diciembre de 2016


This year the students of 3rd level of DBH-ESO have started working on music; its origins, different sounds of the world, different types and styles and even the instruments in an orchestra. All this information has been very useful for the elaboration of their project: Music in the XXth century decades. The students have worked in small groups. They have surfed the web to find information in order to present a socio-political view, a genearl vision of the music and some interesting aspects of a specific band or singer for each decade . Finally, they presented their works to the class to be evaluated by both, their classmates and the teacher. These are some of their works.

lunes, 27 de junio de 2016

Ekainaren 20an, Eleaniztasunerantz




El pasado 20 de junio celebramos en nuestro centro, como otros años, nuestra jornada plurilingüe.  A lo largo de la mañana, nuestros alumnos de ESO mostraron los proyectos realizados durante este curso escolar en las tres lenguas.

In the following presentation you can see pictures of the students of ESO 1 DBH talking about their projects.


Orain gure ESO 2 DBH ikasleak ikusteko aukera ematen dizuegu.


Finally, here you are: some videos of the ESO 3 DBH students.


We hope you like them !!! Congratulations for their hard work!!!

martes, 21 de junio de 2016

DBH 2 - 3rd TERM


This last term the students have worked on the different biomes of the planet, the concepts of climate change, global warming, the greehouse effect and the endangered animals. First, they worked on the vocabulary then we saw some videos about changing ecosystems and we completed some tables related to different aspects of biomes: situation, temperature, precipitation, flora, fauna and special facts. With all that information, the students prepared oral their presentations and presented them to the class. These are some examples.


To finish the school year, in this third term our students of ESO 3 DBH have been working on literature.  To introduce the topic, some students watched a video on British Literature and completed some activities related to it. All the students read a biography of MARK TWAIN and answered a reading comprehension exercise.

As always, the students carried out a project in groups of two or three. They had to choose a well-known Irish, British or American  writer and prepare an oral  presentation for their partners. First, they made a timeline with the biography of the author, then they selected a piece of work. They told their peers about the plot, the setting and the characters, and finished with a personal assesment. They accompanied the presentations with pictures and videos. While the presentations were taking place, the classmates took notes about the different authors getting a general view of English Literature from the  16th to to the 21st Century.

These are some of the presentations.

Links to see POWTOON presentations for TRUMAN CAPOTE AND MARY SHELLEY:



domingo, 19 de junio de 2016

ESO 2 DBH Second Project Natural Disasters

An Integrated Approach to Language Learning.

To finish up with our projects, this school year in ESO 2 DBH we worked in the three languages about the same topic: Natural Disasters. 

In our English lessons our students prepared an interview with victims of a natural disaster taking different roles, as victims, as TV presenters, as policemen, doctors or members of NGOs who helped in the disasters. They worked in groups and wrote documents. Here you can read one of their documents: Hurricane.

Then, they designed posters and showed them in the school corridor together with the ones created in Basque Language, Spanish Language, Citizenship in English and T-Com in English. In the following pictures you can see their posters.

In the following video you can see some of our students giving their presentations.

martes, 14 de junio de 2016


This school year some of our students of ESO 2 DBH have been learning this subject (Citizenship) in English.

We have worked on three different topics, one topic in each term.

In the first topic (You and Your Environment), we prepared an interview to the other students in the class about our families. We learnt about our backgrounds and the society in which we live. Interviewing our families

Then, in our second topic (Democracy), we learnt a little bit about politics in Spain and later, we prepared posters about  the UK, the USA and the EU with the information we had searched on the net. We answered to questions such as  types of government, constitutions, voting systems, presidents... In this link you can read one of our documents about The European Union. In the following presentation, you can see some of our pictures.

Finally, our last topic was Human Rights. We have realized how human rights are not always respected in our society and how NGOs help people. Our last project was about NGOs. Each group chose one and researched about the way and where they work, especially  in emergencies and natural disasters. Posters were designed and stuck in the corridors together with the other posters created in the three languages for our Mulitilingual project Natural Disasters. This is one of our documents about UNICEF. You can also see some of our presentations.