lunes, 19 de junio de 2017


El pasado viernes, 16 de junio de 2017, celebramos la jornada hacia el plurilingüísmo. Urtero bezala, gure ikasleek prestatutako proiektuak haien adizkideen aurrean aurkeztu zituzten. Presentations, games, plays... WE HAD A GREAT TIME

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jueves, 15 de junio de 2017


In our  second project, this school year in ESO 2 DBH, we worked on the topic: Natural Disasters. 

In our English lessons our students prepared an interview with victims of a natural disaster taking different roles,  victims,  TV presenters,  policemen, doctors or members of NGOs who helped in the disasters. They worked in groups and wrote their interviews. 

Then, they designed posters with their interviews and showed them in the school corridor together with the ones created in Basque Language, Spanish Language and Ethical Values. In the following pictures you can see their posters.

jueves, 8 de junio de 2017


This school year the students from ESO 3 DBH have worked on the multilingual project: THE THEATRE. The English task was to create a hand programme. First, we learnt about the most famous theatres in the world, then students chose a theatre, surfed the internet to get information about it and made a powerpoint with this information. Here you have some of the PPTs.

Then they looked for the play that was being performed at the moment. Finally they created the hand programmes you can enjoy in the following video.

miércoles, 7 de junio de 2017



The last project has been exciting. The students started learning about the differences between an artifact and a piece of art. They studied vocabulary related to this subject and learnt about the visual elements of art: lines, shape, perspective, texture, space, colour, composition and light. They also wrote about  the physical qualities of an artistic work: size, elements that appear: people, objects and activities, etc. They were given an artistic period and searched for the characteristics of the period and chose an artist. They selecteded a piece of art from his production and analysed it in a formal way. The results were fantastic! You can have a look a some of them. Enjoy!

lunes, 5 de junio de 2017

Oral Tales 2nd ESO

Our first project in 2nd DBH-ESO was ORAL TALES. Our students have written beautiful tales in English, which they presented to their peers later.
They worked in groups, revised a lot of language structures and vocabulary and learnt how to be creative and cooperative at the same time. To work on this project, we used the materials offered by HTB Mintegia, that you can see in this link. We carried out this project at the same time and in coordination with the Spanish and the Basque teachers, following an Integrated  Approach to Language Learning.

We started listening to some oral stories and jokes, then read some short stories as examples of the job students should do later. The interactive story of Cinderella was used to learn the different parts of an story, introduction, conflict, climax and resolution. Finally, the students wrote a short story of their own, working in groups of two or three people.
Here you can see some examples of their work. Have a look!!

martes, 23 de mayo de 2017



The students of 1st DBH-ESO have recently finished their second project in English. Healthy diet has been the topic. First, they started having a look at vocabulary related to food and nutrients. They also watched interactive videos about nutrition and healthy habits. Then, they worked on the well-known "food pyramid" and also its new version called "my plate", where they learned how much and what kind of food people have to eat to have a balanced diet. Afterwards, they started working with the computers to create a word document. They had to write ten commandments for a healthy diet and two suggestions to improve it. They shared the document with the teacher and after it was corrected, they created their posters with the information and some pictures. The last step was to present it to the class orally. The rest of the students evaluated the work. 

If you want to see the students at work and their productions, have a look!


lunes, 24 de abril de 2017

Historia del teatro

Dentro del proyecto de tratamiento integrado de las lenguas  en tercero de la ESO, se ha realizado un trabajo sobre la historia del teatro desde sus orígenes hasta el Barroco.El objetivo era la realización de un Power Point que posteriormente los alumnos tenían que exponer oralmente delante de sus compañeros. Se formaron grupos de tres, cuatro o cinco alumnos y el trabajo se llevó a cabo en dos semanas.
Aquí podéis ver muestras tanto de las presentaciones orales como de los Power Points.

Historia del teatro
Historia del teatro